We set up, install and teach everyone, everything.

We know you and you're staff are busy, and setting up a point of sale system can be complex to use it properly, this is why we build the full menu for you, help with a stock take, install all the hardware and cables, we spend 8 hours teaching you and all your staff how to manage everything and also provide 28 days hands on priority support after installation.

There is over 100 general settings that impact how the system works, along with all the intricate setup options for products like multiple price lists, member and coupon codes, security roles and so on.

A full setup takes our experienced team typically 2 full days to perform.

Loss & stock control

We set up all the features and systems to monitor and track potential stock loss and help you perform a stock-take so the stock is up to date from day one.

Menu building

Building a menu in a POS system is complex. We build your full menu, along with setting up the add-ons (extra toppings for a pizza for example) and linked items to cut (a vodka shot and a coke for a vodka-coke product) for accurate stock tracking (single shots from a bottle). Along with different price lists for different times, commission rates and so on.

Printer configurations

We do all the cabling for the printers, and setup what printer needs to print what bills, kitchen gets kitchens bills in Thai, bar and cashier in English.

Training & support

We train the service staff, cashiers, managers and owners in your venue for 8 hours to ensure everyone knows how to use the system from day one.

Roles & security setup

We determine which users should be able to perform specific actions, for example we can set up a casual cashier user that cannot apply discounts, remove items, void bills and so on without a manager's permission (swipe card).

Operational settings

Happy hour price lists and automatic change times, staff time clock tracking, VAT and service charge settings, float and shifts, receipt settings and so much more.

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The POS runs a large portion of your business, ensuring its backed up is critical.

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Planning to open your first business? Already have one (or two, or ten)? Contact us and we'll give you solutions.