Stopping theft you’re not even aware of – between bills

The easiest way for any cashier to steal money is when a customer is ready to pay their bill, they move a few drinks from another customers bill, add it to main bill, print it and give it to the customer, when the customer pays they simply move the drinks back to the original customers bill and then pocket the difference. No voided products, nothing deleted. You would never know it’s happening. But we do.

Retail HQ has a full audit report of moved bills and moved items.

Everything has an audit log

Every item deleted, bill voided, item moved from one bill to another is tracked and reported on. The audit itself cannot be deleted even by management. There’s no where for staff or management to hide from owners.

Every time an action happens where loss is possible, we report on who did it, when it was and we also show the managers code if one is used.

Real-time deletion alerts

If you allow your cashiers to void or delete items on bills the POS will email you as soon as an item has been deleted. You can set the limit at any number of items. If you set it to 5, then after the 5th item has been deleted we will alert you via email. Otherwise you can set it 1 and be alerted every time it happens as it happens.

Extensive float tracking

If you enable the float, we track who opened the float and for how much. You can set the float to be per shift or for the whole day. Different floats for different cash registers is also possible (if you have many).

When closing the day the cashiers enter the count of the cash draw and we report to them if they are over or under. If they are over we only show it as OK. If it’s under we show how far under so they can make up the difference.

You can have your cashiers perform a float check many times per day without closing the day. Every time the float is checked it’s reported and logged in the admin. Consistently being under is a clear indication of fraud.

Adding additional float is possible during a shift so the cashiers can pay for stock out of the cash drawer. Cashiers can add in an expense and this will deduct from the cash drawer balance. No more un-tracked envelops of cash floating around to pay for stock. When extra float is added or removed, that’s also tracked in the float report.

Track every external income and expense

Cashiers can add income from outside of the POS (3rd party rent for example or a payment for a uniform). This will add to the cash drawer count and show in the daily reports as an income item.

Cashiers can also add expenses such as stock, lemons, Ice, and other micelanious items that they need to pay throughout the day. All of this ensures the cash draw is always accurate.

Every income and expense comes in and out of the cash draw and reflects in the float. If you have a large stock order and you give the cashier extra money for that, the cashier adds that as Extra Float and it’s tracked accordingly.

Custom roles and permissions

You can setup multiple different roles for different cashiers, service staff and managers. Allow one cashier to only do the basics, open and close bills, while allowing another cashier to void items, print reports and so on.

If a cashier has no permissions to void or delete items they can ask for the manager to use their swipe card (RFID) or enter in their managers password. If a managers code is used it’s reported by who and when.

You can allow your service staff to only take orders via tablets or mobile phones while having no ability to pay a bill, view reports, stock and so on.

Your managers can have access to the whole back end without ever having any ability to delete or manipulate the system. Anything voided will staff reported as such.

Stock take via mobile

Your staff can start and log a full stock take from their mobile phones, utilizing their phones camera to bar-code scan the products to quickly retrieve the stock level for that product, so they can do a quick count and update the stock real-time via the phone. No more back and forth to the POS computer with pen and paper.

Once they close the stock take they can print a report of all the changes so you can see if you’re losing stock to theft or not.

Restrict re-printing bills

You can even disable the ability for cashiers to re-print a bill without the managers permission. This will stop cashiers from taking an older bill that matches the order from a new customer and dropping it on the new customer allowing them to pocket the whole bill.

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