Manage, action and update your stock fast and effectively

It's important to be on top of your stock at all time. Retail HQ allows you to set minimum stock levels per product for email based alerts and reports to show current stock levels.

Your staff can easily perform stock takes with our bar-code scanner on your phone.

Easily add new stock

It's quick and easy to add new stock with the purchase cost, cashiers can add stock or a manager.

Automatic cost updates

When you purchase new stock and add it to the inventory, the cost of that stock will also update the product costs.

Mobile stock take

Staff can scan product bar-codes on their phones to pull up the product stock levels and update them quickly.

Emailed low stock alerts

When you set minimum stock levels you will receive daily reports via email when your stock dips below the set minimum level.

Stock take reports

Every time a stock take is performed you are given a change report of who performed the stock take, when and what changed.

Full stock reports

Export and review stock in a per item breakdown report, sort by most sold during a period to forecast stock needs.

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All reporting is real-time and accessible via your phone or computer. End of day reports are emailed at the end of every day.

Theft prevention

Stop theft you’re not even aware of and be alerted when potential theft is happening real-time.

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