Over 35 reports covering profit and loss, theft and operations

All reporting is real-time and accessible via your phone or computer. End of day reports are emailed at the end of every day along with stock updates.

All reports are printable and exportable to Excel.

Access reports anywhere

You can access the whole POS system, view reports, edit users and manage the whole system from your laptop or phone anytime from anywhere.

Extensive end of day reporting

The end of day reports are printed by cashiers and also emailed to you every day with a detailed report of the days results.

Anti-theft reporting

Stop theft before it happens with in-depth reports on stock take, deleted items, moved items and float.

Stock and loss reporting

View stock-take reports, stock on hand and changes to stock. Every time a stock-take is performed you can see the changes in stock, and when stock has been added.

Sales reports

  • Open bills
  • Paid bills
  • Daily sales
  • End of day breakdown
  • End of month breakdown
  • All bills report breakdown
  • Payment method
  • Order type
  • Product sales
  • Popular products
  • Category group sales
  • Shifts and covers
  • Commissions
  • Happy hour
  • Staff sales KPIs
  • Sales per hour

Operational reports

  • Float (extensive report)
  • Extra float (when float is added or removed)
  • Stock remaining
  • Stock per product
  • Stock take (per stock take)
  • Staff time clock
  • Income and Expenses
  • Member activity (purchases)
  • Discount codes used
  • Bills with notes attached
  • Cash report
  • Service charge report
  • VAT report

Theft and security reports

  • Stock take
  • Float
  • Moved items
  • Moved tables
  • Cleared orders (full report and real-time email alerts)
  • Deleted items (full report and real-time email alerts)
  • Bill audit log
  • Bill payment method changes
  • Blocked users

Emailed reports

  • End of day breakdown
  • Stock remaining
  • Discounts used
  • Deleted items (sent real-time)

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Mobile order taking

If you operate a busy or large venue, save your service staff time by taking orders direct from their phone or tablet over the Wi-Fi.

Stock management

Retail HQ allows you to set minimum stock levels, report on stock and perform stock-takes.

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