We take your data seriously

The POS runs a large portion of your business, ensuring its backed up is critical. To ensure the security of your data we employ 4 backups systems in different locations.

We also monitor your server backups in case it misses a backup for an unknown reason, if it does, we automatically action a manual backup.

Daily backup on your POS

Full database and image backups on your local server in case of a local disk issue.

Daily backup uploaded to our cloud

Full database and image backup is also copied to our cloud servers daily.

Real-time cloud sync

Your POS also real-time sends the cloud all the bills, expenses, commissions and so on not only for cloud reporting but also as a usable backup.

Cloud storage snapshots

Our whole cloud is also fully backed up with weekly disk snapshots and daily database snapshots in case of a cloud storage failure.

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24 hour support

We're the only company that offers 24 hour support on software, staff user issues and all the point of sale hardware in Thailand.

Let us do it!

Do you have time to learn how to set up a POS system? We set up, install and teach everyone, everything!

Have questions?

Planning to open your first business? Already have one (or two, or ten)? Contact us and we'll give you solutions.