Grow with Retail HQ POS software

Effortlessly sell, manage, report and grow your retail business in every way with Retail HQ's unmatched point of sale, multi-outlet retail and inventory management system.

Hit the ground running

We install everything

We install all the hardware, run the cable, setup the printers -- everything required for you to focus on your business and not the technology headache.

We build your menu

We setup all of your menu, even the complex parts, the add-on's, price modifiers, happy hours, the roles and rules to ensure your system is theft free and ready to use from the day one.

Staff trained and ready to sell

After your system is setup, menu built and installed we train your staff, managers and you the owners on how-to operate the whole system. No mysteries or how to manuals to read.

Simple for cashiers, advanced for management, there's nothing our system can't do

Retail HQ works very well in simple retail shops, but amazingly well in larger multi-cashier and zone venues. Retail HQ can handle ant situation you throw at it.
Works for every type of business
In depth end-of-day reporting

When your cashier closes the float for the day the system prints and emails management a comprehensive end-of-day report detailing everything.

Staff time tracking real-time

View real-time when staff have arrived or left work. Perform payroll quickly and efficiently payroll reporting based on their clock-in and clock-out directly integrated into the POS with fingerprint scanning.

Advanced anti-theft & stock loss

Stock-take systems, automatic notifications when anything is deleted and very strict access control makes our system the most advanced and more secure when it comes to theft and stock loss.

Table-side service

Service staff can take orders on any mobile device or tablet

Advanced role management

Only allow cashiers to take orders, allow managers to access reports and manage bills

Commission drinks

Pay commission on drinks and products, report on best performing staff

Happy hours

Set your happy hour times and the pricing will automatically change

Staff time tracking

With fingerprint scanning you can track when staff arrive and leave real-time

Real-time alerts when items are deleted

Get an email when too many items are deleted in a shift for early warning of potential theft

More features than we can fit on a website.

Retail HQ can literally do everything!

If you have a question about how our system could fit your business, just ask!

Learn more

Let us do it!

Do you have time to learn how to setup a POS system? Don't worry, we setup, install and teach everyone, everything.

Every type of business

Learn how Retail HQ fits in every type of retail venue, be it a bar, restaurant, buffet, hotel, retail shop or large nightclub.

Have questions?

Planning to open your first business? Already have one (or two, or ten)? Contact us and we'll give you solutions.