Bars and nightclubs

Specially designed for the unique situations that bars and clubs in Thailand face, Retail HQ offers the most advanced security and auditing features, there's nothing that can match Retail HQ in the bar and club environment.

Retail HQ is used in small beer bars, popular Go Go bars, and high end nightclubs with multiple service terminals and cashiers.

Commission drinks

Pay your staff commissions on drinks bought for them or any other type of product they sell. All commissions for staff are tracked in a commission report.

Automatic happy hours

You can set multiple happy hours per day and the POS will automatically change to the happy hour price list during those times.

Advanced anti-theft & stock loss

Industry leading theft prevention features are standard, we make it harder than anyone to steal money or stock from your venue.

Multiple cashiers and zones

If you run a large nightclub you can have stand-alone touch screen staff order points and multiple different cashier areas to take payments. Each tracked separately and with their own floats.

Staff time tracking

Use our biometric fingerprint scanner for staff to clock in and out with, track all arrivals and departures, and time in venue to perform payroll easily.

Member cards

Issue RFID member cards and offer different discounts for different members. You can also report on your members to find your big spenders.

Pool tables by the minute

Sell your pool tables by the minute! On a bill just add a per minute table product and the product will count the minutes and the total price for the number of minutes the table was used.

Inside and outside table zones

Upstairs, downstairs, inside, outside, or any other variation is possible. Assign tables to different areas for easy management and move bills between them seamlessly.

Multiple languages for the kitchen

With Retail HQ you have a primary and secondary language (English/Thai), for the customers bill you print in English and for your Thai-speaking kitchen you can print in Thai, or both.

Shifts and covers

Break down sales reports into individual shifts, by the number covers, average spend per cover and average spend per product type. Dive deep into your customers analytics.


Set as many prices and durations for your buffet tables, our cashier table screen will summaries all the tables with countdown timers to alert who should be finished soon or finished already.


We power some of the busiest and biggest restaurants in Thailand. Restaurants that need deep and detailed reporting and analytics to spot trends in sales, order values, order time and types.

You can track the float per shift for security and sales breakdowns, you can track covers per table to determine an average order value per head and separate your sales into groups of food, drink and anything else you set.

All stock purchased by your kitchen can be tracked to keep on top of your back of shop costs.


Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business. Understanding your requirements, objectives and final scope is important to us. We listen and work together to create a trully unique and unforgettable experience.

Charge to room

Integrate into your hotel PMS to transfer bills to rooms so your customers can pay when they checkout.

Multiple bars

If your hotel has multiple bars, you can not only track sales per bar, but also print drinks to each bar directly rather than to a central cashier point.

Multiple kitchens

If you have a Thai kitchen and a Western kitchen, we can print each type of product to each type of kitchen, in Thai or English or both.

Dining coupons

Issue and track free breakfast coupons so you can determine how popular your meal times are. Make better decisions with better data.

No tables just orders

Unlike restaurant based POS systems, Retail HQ can convert into an order only based checkout where there are no tables. Just order after order.

Barcode scanning

Just like any modern checkout, use a barcode scanner to quickly and easily scan products being purchased.

Rapid stock management

Use our barcode scanning mobile app to quickly lookup and perform stock takes without having to manually return to the POS. Update it on the fly from your phone.

Digital display

Expand the checkout with a customer facing digital display with their older details, total payable, change, and of course marketing materials.

Retail shops

Traditional retail shops are under serviced in the point of sale industry.

You can now use all the power of a high end point of sale system in a traditional consumer retail setting.

Analyze sales data per hour, popular products, product sales per supplier and so much more.

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Point of sale overview

Grow your retail business with Retail HQ's unmatched POS, multi-outlet retail and inventory management system.

Mobile order taking

If you operate a busy or large venue, save your service staff time by taking orders direct from their phone or tablet over the Wi-Fi.

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